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Logo Development

The creation of a new Business Logo is a delicate and intricate process. As perhaps the most visible representation of an organization’s unique personality, a logo appears on everything from business cards and stationery, to brochures, catalogs, merchandise, apparel, and the Internet. Often, a logo is the first thing a potential client or customer sees; sometimes it's the only thing they remember. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance to have a logo that accurately and dynamically represents your company or organization.

At Big Giant Media, Logo Development is a multi-step process designed to ensure a properly executed new identity for your business. Before beginning work on your new look, our Graphic Artists will collect information concerning your ideas and concepts. Questions we might ask include:

  • What is your company's identity, and how should the new branding communicate that?
  • Who is your clientele, and what are your customer demographics?
  • How do you want your business viewed / regarded by the public?
  • What are some keywords you would use to describe the essence of what you do?
  • Do you consider your business conservative or progressive; traditional or unconventional; trendy or cutting-edge; or something else?
  • In what ways do you plan to utilize your new logo?
  • What elements do you like or dislike about other logos you’ve seen?

Our Graphic Artists will then research your competition to determine the approaches they have taken in the development of their own branding, examining which elements of their designs work well, and which don’t. The information collected will be used to position your business or organization within your market segment in a competitive and dynamic way. Once the design strategy has been established, development of the artwork can begin in earnest.

As part of the early development process, our Graphic Artists will explore multiple design solutions for your new logo. Each viable concept will be developed into a “rough,” or preliminary sample for you to view. At the completion of the first phase, Big Giant Media will present, either in person or electronically, a collection of roughs representing divergent concepts from which you may designate a design for further development. If our preliminary set of design roughs fails to meet your criteria, we will provide a second set for your subsequent consideration.

Once one or more roughs have been designated for further development, Big Giant Media will work to refine the concepts, as needed, to your specifications by creating a collection of varying treatments of the original designs. In this stage, changes are subtle, but nonetheless important. Variations could include minor graphic tweeks, fonts changes, logo compisition, or shifts in color scheme, among other things. This phase will continue until a final design has been approv ed.

And just like that, your logo is ready is to use.

Your new design will be available in a number of different file formats for your usage, including tiff, gif, jpeg, pdf, Photoshop, and Illustrator files to name a few. Or, you can chose to have Big Giant Media develop further applications featuring your new logo like letterhead, business cards, brochures, or a website.

And please feel free to contact the Graphic Artists working on your new logo at any time to discuss any ideas or considerations you might have during the development process. Creating a logo is a collaborative effort, and we want you involved all the way through. We are always available and interested in talking to you about how you feel the development of your new logo is proceeding.

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