Graphic Design & Web Design

The Principals

Jeff Waddleton - President, Creative Director

Jeff holds a Bachelors Degree from San Diego State University. As our Creative Director, Jeff gives credence to the "Creative" part of his title almost every day....

Jeff has a natural artistic sense that constantly leads him into innovative areas of design. His design aesthetic is driven by an intimate understanding of the relationship between colors, as well as an intuitive comprehension of the nature of consumerism. Jeff's designs speak with emphasis to whichever market he is targeting, and his eye-catching artwork demands attention. Whether he's working on a new logo, or strategically creating a user interface for our latest website design, Jeff uses his talent in the most creative and innovative ways to establish a connection with the market.


John Waddleton - Vice President, Technical Director

John is a graduate from UCLA, and holds a Bachelors Degree in Physics. While one might reasonably ask if it's a good thing to have a 'physics geek' build your website, at Big Giant Media we definitely believe the answer is "Yes'!

John's technical expertise and attention to detail are two of the qualities that allow him to take one of the design department's unique website creations and turn it into a smooth-operating, easy to use, functional website. Whether it's creating a unique interactive interface using client-side JavaScript, bringing one of the design department's beautiful concepts to life using ugly-sounding HTML and CSS, or coding an MS SQL database to support a website on the back end, John applies the same focus and intensity that he would if he was searching for the Higg's Boson. (We don't know what that means either, but he said it was something that sounds "Physics-y"...)

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