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Building a website is an intricate process - a process that Big Giant Media understands from start to finish. We understand the creativity it takes to imagine a website design that gets, and keeps, your visitor's attention as they view your website. We understand the complexity involved in taking an eye-catching website design and writing the esoteric code that allows it to function flawlessly on the Internet, and we understand the technical skill required to connect great design and complex code together on a web server that will deliver your information to the world. The BGM website design team uses its understanding to integrate these concepts, infuse them with the essence of your vision, and create a vibrant and resilient online extension of your organization. In every case, your new website will meet your exacting criteria, and in most cases, it will exceed your wildest expectations!

Big Giant Media's website design expertise includes state-of-the-art responsive design techniques, ensuring that your new website will look great and function well on any size device, including tablets and smartphones. No modern website design is complete without the kind of interactivity that requires strong database development and back-end coding skills - just the kind of website development skills implemented by Big Giant Media, Inc.

The Big Giant Media website design process naturally occurs in phases. In each phase, our website design team fosters an open environment, encouraging your input every step of the way. As a result, when the last phase is complete, it is your vision that will have been fulfilled.

Phase One

Phase One is the initial website design consultation. The BGM team will meet with you to discuss in detail the functionality you desire in your new website. Will it be a brochure website, a catalog website, a content-managed website, or an e-commerce website? Will a database be required to make your website operate? Will the website include a forum, a blog, or a special calendar system? How will your website integrate with social networking sites? How can your website be created to optimize search engine results?

We will also discuss presentation requirements concerning how you want your new website to look. Questions we might ask include:

  • How should your company's current branding be extended to the new website?
  • Who is your clientele, and what are your customer demographics?
  • Which is more important to your business model - innovative design, or robust content delivery?
  • Do you consider your business conservative or progressive; traditional or unconventional; trendy or cutting-edge; or something else?
  • What elements do you like or dislike about other website designs you’ve seen?

Phase Two

In Phase Two of the website design process, our team will take the information you provide in Phase One and enhance it with knowledge gathered through further research on your industry and your competitors. We will identify trends within your target market, placing special emphasis on notable elements of successful websites. We will synthesize this information within the context of general marketing trends and strategies, then focus on usability - the ability of your visitors to easily navigate your website and find the information that most interests them. Once the usability strategy is optimized, we create for you a striking website design that we believe is representative of your organization and its goals.

The specific design concept will be developed into a “rough,” or preliminary sample, for you to view. Usually, this rough will be populated with sample content, and will be a static, non-animated representation of the site’s proposed design. Our team will explain to you their vision about the website design, including button operation or other animated or dynamic elements that have yet to be developed. Upon your approval of the initial website design rough for further development, Big Giant Media will work to refine the concept, as needed, to your specifications. If our preliminary rough fails to meet your criteria, we will provide a storyboard rough for your subsequent consideration.

Phase Three

Once the artwork for your new website has been approved, construction can begin. Our team will convert the finalized and approved website design into an actual working website. During this step, your functioning website will slowly come to life, online, in private area of the Big Giant Media web servers. Our team will email you a link to the site, giving you access to view at any time your website's current status. During this time, feel free to email or call with concerns or comments at any point; our team expects your ongoing input along the way.

Many things happen during Phase Three. Your new website’s infrastructure will take shape first. The infrastructure includes any database tables and/or navigation systems that will be used throughout the website. Also, the primary interface, or Home page, will be built, with animated or dynamic elements added as necessary. Gradually, our team will begin linking buttons to various sub-pages within the website. Each time a major section is completed, our team will notify you via email. Feel free to come in and check it out; you won’t be in our way! Special website features, such as input forms, forums, blogs, or e-commerce stores, will be developed next, and will be added in the appropriate areas of your website as they are completed. Before you know it, your website will be complete.

Phase Four

In Phase Four, your website will be prepared for launch. During the previous phase of website development, our team has poured over the features of your website as they are completed, beta-testing all new functions to make absolutely sure that everything works correctly. In Phase Four, we encourage a limited release of the website to co-workers, friends, and family members. This practice helps us to identify and exterminate any 'bugs' that may have persisted into the final phase. During this step, our team will also take time to optimize the website content for great search engine results. By the end of Phase Four, your site will be a freshly tuned machine ready to work.


The final phase of website development at Big Giant Media is your new website’s launch. With development complete and your website ready to shine, we visit the domain registry and make the adjustments necessary to point internet traffic toward your new website. Within minutes, your organization's new home on the web is ready to receive visitors!

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