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There's no such thing as "one size fits all" when it comes to good website design. Big Giant Media's team recognizes that there are as many different types of website solutions as there are people looking for them. Some organizations have the budget and the need for a fully custom website that offers a one-of-a-kind user experience; other organizations can function simpler website. However, there are many intermediate level groups that need a website somewhere in between the two extremes.

Small Business Level

The Small Business Level is the recommended solution for most organizations. Each Small Business website includes an original design based on the information you provide during our initial interview. We will ask questions regarding your business, your target audience, and the way you want to present your organization. We will also ask about your competition, and about any things you may especially like or dislike about their websites. Finally, we will take this information, augment it with our own research, and create an original website design that will accurately represent your organization on the Internet.

While creating your new original website, Big Giant Media will use the latest in Responsive Design techniques. Your new Small Business website will provide a user experience optimized for every size device, from large screen monitors to compact smartphones. As always, your website's design will be based on your target audience and the way you want to present yourself, but in this case, it will look great and be easy to use on every device.

The Small Business level offers more than just an original design. In addition to more general content pages than the basic level (up to 15), and the same specialized contact page, Small Business level websites also let you choose from the following specialized page options:

  • Calendar / Upcoming Events - Advertise special events or appearances!
  • Customer Feedback and Rating System - Let your visitors tell the world how well you are doing!
  • Resource Directory - Direct your visitors to helpful resources or related information
  • Photo / Video Galleries - A picture is worth a thousand words - a video, even more!
  • FAQ - Answer your visitors most frequently asked questions!
  • eBlog - Update your site daily via email!
  • File Sharing Pages - Provide categorized public or password protected files for your visitors!

Most importantly for businesses hoping to participate in online commerce, Small Business websites optionally support the Big Giant Media shopping cart system - developed in-house so it's easily customziable - that is quickly and easily configurable to sell your products online. The Big Giant Media shopping cart supports many major merchant gateways, including and PayPal.

Small Business websites start at $2800.00 ($3250 with shopping cart)

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Enterprise Level

If your business is on the cutting edge, and none of Big Giant Media's "standard" level websites will meet your requirements, then Enterprise level website design will provide the custom solution you need. The Big Giant Media team has over 15 years experience in custom website development for a wide variety of organizations, and though we can fill nine out of 10 business requirements with our Small Business or lower level websites, we have the knowledge and experience to take you well beyond the conventional.

Whether you need an integrated SQL database, a geo-location enabled mapping application, or instantaneous data analysis and feeback using the latest web-socket technology, Big Giant Media should be your web developer of choice. Chances are good we've already done something similar, and if we haven't, then we aren't afraid to learn new technology and apply it to your requirements.

Pricing for Enterprise Level websites varies. Please contact Big Giant Media for details.

Supplemental Services

  • Content Creation - In general, the team at Big Giant Media believes no one knows more about your organization than you do. For that reason, we encourage our customers to carefully consider and prepare content for the website that will be built for them. However, not everyone has the time, desire, or skill to create well-crafted and informative content. For those clients, Big Giant Media offers the services of a professional copy writer.
    • Copy writing services start at $150 per page.
  • Images - As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so Big Giant Media suggests that you submit pictures depicting products and services actually offered by your company and your associates. We want every one of those 1000 words to be about you and your company only! However, in those cases where original images are not available, stock-photography must be used, and the team at Big Giant Media will make every effort to find appropriate Creative Commons or Royalty-Free images to use in their place. Finding the perfect image can be an intensive and time-consuming process, so this service must be offered at premium. Sometimes an appropriate cost-free image cannot be found, in which case we must use the services one of the many professional stock photography providers on the Internet. Alternately, the Big Giant Media team can visit your job site or place of business to take candid or staged shots for use on your website.
    • Creative Commons / Royalty Free image search is charged at $125/hr.
    • On site photography is charged at $125/hr.
    • Professional stock photography is supplied based upon the cost to procure the image from online providers.
  • Website Hosting - Big Giant Media does not require you to allow us to host your website. We do, however, recommend it. Website hosting is a value added service provided by Big Giant Media that allows us to easily maintain your website and guarantee its ongoing functionality over time. Furthermore, since Big Giant Media manages its own dedicated servers and hosts only websites designed and built by us, we are confident that your site will be safe at all times from crashes caused by poorly written or malicious code on another organizations website.
    • Website Hosting starts at $35 per month.

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