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As part of Big Giant Media's commitment to furthering the art of graphic design and creativity in general, partner Jeff Waddleton participates as an instructor in multiple local recreation classes through the city of Temecula, and offers private instruction when needed. Jeff currently offers courses in Photoshop and Graphic Design for both teens and adults, Creative Writing for Adults and Screenwriting for Teens, Bigfoot's Teen Entreprenuers, and Bigfoot's Epic Video Game Tournament.

Prospective students, both teen and adult, may register directly with the City of Temecula using the city's Department of Recreation website, or may contact Big Giant Media directly for private instruction at 951-694-8989 ext. 101.

Photoshop for Adults

Learn how to use Photoshop like a pro! It's easier than you think! Master techniques for:

  • Setting up documents
  • Cropping and masking images
  • Adjusting colors
  • Repairing blemishes
  • Using effects
  • Creating new composite layouts
  • Flowing text
  • And much more!

Each session focuses on a different aspect of the multi-dimensional graphics platform and is taught by the funny and amazingly informative, long-time Graphic Design professional, Jeff Waddleton. Classes are project based and easy to follow, with multiple professional quality designs completed every session.

Cost: $100 per session

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Bigfoot's Teen Photoshop

Photoshop is the most powerful design tool on the planet! And in this class, teens and tweens will complete AMAZING graphic design projects, all while learning important Photoshop skills. Led by Photoshop expert and Graphic Design professional, Jeff Waddleton, this fun-filled class features a project-based curriculum, focusing on a different, popular design challenge each session. This class will allow students to build on their Photoshop knowledge, further develop their design portfolio, and explore their imaginations, all in a creative environment!

Cost: $85 per session

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Creative Writing for Adults

Ever dream of writing the Great American Novel? Have a story stuck in your head that you’d love to get down on paper? Have the time and desire to write, but no idea where to begin? Join creative professional Jeff Waddleton as he guides you through exercises designed to unleash your inner author. Students will learn a variety of techniques and methods for organizing complex ideas; crafting a comprehensive plot, with interweaving subplots; developing realistic and believable settings and characters; making dialogue realistic and true to life; creating obstacles, tension and conflict; and most importantly, finding your resolution and denouement! Get writing! The Bestseller list awaits!

Cost: $65 per session

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Teen Screenwriting

When you watch your favorite movies and TV shows, do you long to create something of your own? Do you already have your own characters, yearning to be alive on the screen? Join creative professional Jeff Waddleton as he guides you through the process of taking all the creative ideas out your head and getting them onto the page! Discover how to develop your characters and define their conflicts; comprehend script organization techniques and the traditional three act narrative structure; explore how and when to create tension and reveal plot twists; understand the importance of scene setting and shot selection; master the art of pacing and denouement; and learn how to format your entire script to ensure it’s readable and well-paced. Your well-crafted screenplay is your first step towards becoming a successful writer or director!

Cost: $60 per session

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Bigfoot's Teen Entrepreneurs

Teen entrepreneurs will start with a virtual budget to create the business of their dreams! They’ll pick a real piece of local property, create a logo and a marketing strategy, develop products and purchase inventor. They'll add employees, schedule promotions, and try to weather unforeseen business catastrophes. It's a FUN environment, where teens learn about how to actually make a profit! At the end of each session, students will have their business plans anonymously evaluated by a panel of all-ages local consumers. Who will be Bigfot's next successful Teen Entrepreneur? In this class teens will learn basic skills in Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Photoshop.

Cost: $70 per session

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Bigfoot's Epic Video Game Tournaments

An epic night for your gamers! The FUN consists of an organized double-elimination tournament on the Wii U with pizza, drawing activites and a coloring conterst. Winners receive awards and everyone gets a prixe! Who will be Temecula's NEXT tournament champion?

Cost: $30 per tourna,emt

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